I’ve often been described as the most even-keeled person, not so sure my husband would agree but the rest of the world does…so take that!
My main job in life seems to be a chauffer, driving my crew around to dance and gymnastics lessons, oh…school too!
I also do this little thing called photography, but only because it is fun. I vowed to myself that I would only work if I love what I do, so there we have it.


Photography is my creative outlet, my place to meet amazing clients and friends. I do it because I love it.
Photography is fun for me. I get to spend intimate time with my clients during the first few days of their baby’s lives, I get to watch your babies grow
through milestones and celebrate first birthdays. I’ll never get tired of the giggles and watching families play together during sessions.

I am honored to photograph for your families, teach other photographers and am so humbled by your support.